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Wellness Centre Business Packages

Global Wellness Enterprises presents a unique opportunity for business investing. We are giving you the opportunity to own a profitable Wellness Centre with one of our specialized Business Packages.

HOCATT™ Platinum

PEMFs induce electrical changes within and around cells, which influences the cell behaviour. This results in improved circulation and oxygenation, better transport of nutrients and more energy.


The HOCATT™ Plus is a multitechnology natural wellness device that can deliver up to 10 of the world’s most effective alternative health and beauty modalities - ALL IN ONE SYSTEM!

Cryo Laser-Lipo

Cryolipolysis is a new, non-invasive way to gently and effectively reduce fat in targeted areas of the body that results in noticeable fat reduction in the treated areas.

Jet Spa

The 10 in 1 Spa Jet is a multi-sensory, revolutionary spa and skin care improvement system that offers a holistic collection of features for balance and restoration. The synergy of natural therapies used in The Jet Spa quickly restores vitality of the body and mind.

Zero-G Massage Chair

The Zero-Gravity Massage Chair evenly distributes body weight across the surface of the chair, raising your feet to a higher elevation than your head, and allowing for a more thorough, deeper and more intense full body massage experience.

Portable Steam Sauna

The Portable Ozone Steam Sauna is the most effective and convenient home system available. Through the process of Transdermal Absorption, Ozone is introduced into the body, healing it from the inside out.

Water Purification

South Africa has, in general a limited supply of water and the quality of this water is being threatened by pollution. Water in South Africa is in great demand, and as the human population grows with its increasing needs for survival, the greater the demand for water becomes.

Facial Steamer

If you’re following a strict skincare regimen, it probably includes: cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize, apply sunscreen and apply a weekly face mask. But there’s one more important step you should consider adding to your routine: facial steaming.

Massage Beds

The Massage Table is sturdy, made from the highest quality materials, and completely collapsible – meaning you can use it at your spa, at home, or for mobile luxury spa services! The sky is the limit!

Creams, Gels and Consumables

Our peripherals and consumables include our range of beauty creams, ozone gel, massage beds, anti-freeze membranes for Cryo-slimming.

Why Global Wellness Enterprises?

At Global Wellness Enterprises, we place the highest value on Excellent Customer Service, with a commitment to business transparency, quality and integrity.  The size of the investment form our clients makes no difference – every client can expect only the best service and advice, no matter their purchase.  Not only is it our goal to spread awareness of ozone technology, and improve our client’s general health and wellness, but we also strive to improve their Financial Wellness, by offering business opportunities where they can both contribute to healing others, and create their own successful businesses.

We Let Clients Do The Talking

We offer only the best service and customer support, and the finest products. Don't take our word for it - hear what our clients say!
Danie Ozone testimonial

Danie, Secunda

Cancer, Portable Sauna

"Good day. I just want to give feedback about my health after I started with the 3 in 1 Portable Ozone Steam Sauna approximately 20 months ago, in the privacy of my own home, at times that suit me, and my cancer count fell to 0.24! It was above 5 for over 3 years! ...You've also always been there with excellent advice and after-sale service. Thank you very much to you and Global Wellness! Blessings, Danie."

Yolandie Testimonial

Yolandie, Vanderbijlpark

Wellness, Diabetes, Portable Sauna

My daughter, Lucinda, and I, had a very pleasant first sauna session, because you can adjust the temperature for your comfort. I couldn't believe that I could feel so good after just 1 sauna session, and the improvement of my skin was amazing! My daughter has been a diabetic since she was 11, and she enjoyed it as well. Even my husband slept better. Everyone should invest in a portable sauna; they won't regret it! We also drink ozonated water. Thank you very much Global Wellness!!"

Carol Wicht Testimonial

Carol Wicht, George

Fatty Liver Disease, HOCATT

I've had 10 Ozone Treatments..., I suffer from NAFDL (fatty liver disease). This affects my liver in that it becomes bloated and sore to touch. My liver was very bloated and sore before I started. After the first 5 I noticed a remarkable difference in the bloating, which had now come down, and no pain. Besides the effect the treatments have had on my liver, I can testify that my overall feeling of wellbeing improved. I will most definitely recommend the Ozone treatments, but do feel that no less than 5 treatments are necessary before you start feeling the true effects that O3 can offer. Warm wishes."

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