Enjoy True Relaxation with the Jet-Spa Luxury Spa Capsule

The Jet-Spa Luxury Spa Capsule provides a platform for the most luxurious spa body treatment services. This means that you can perform all your body wraps, cellulite, slimming and detox treatments on the Jet-Spa! In other words, it’s everything your spa needs – in one!

Innovative thinking. Premium design. Exclusive functions. Enhance the effects of your active treatment products with 10 pre-set Spa and wellness programs. This includes features such as: steam, infra-red and ceramic dry heat, hydrotherapy, Aqua Massage and 360° Vichy shower jets and multiple other water massage therapies.

Create the ultimate relaxation experience for your clients. For example, you can use the innovative technology of LED color therapy, aromatherapy, audio and DVD.

Experience the Wonder of Hydrotherapy and Aqua Massage

The Jet-Spa Luxury Spa Capsule has many features that will help you feel like a brand new person! This is because it integrates the latest in Hydrotherapy and Aqua Massage technology, combined with several other functions!

  • rejuvenates and detoxifies the body
  • helps in muscle pains, joints and back pains
  • improves the skin’s structure
  • reduces scars
  • moisturizes and smoothes the skin
  • heals atopic and allergic skin
  • helps in the treatment of acne skin
  • reduces cellulite
  • firms
  • improves metabolism
  • improves blood circulation
  • helps in losing weight
  • reduces stress and fatigue
  • helps in depression, anxiety and insomnia
  • helps to restore psycho-emotional balance
  • contributes to general well-being
  • restores good mood and vitality
  • prevents and helps in the treatment of certain diseases (regulates the composition of cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, excretory and endocrine systems)

Above all, the Jet-Spa Luxury Spa Capsule is the perfect addition to your business. If you consider it a priority to relax and rejuvenate yourself or your clients, this is the buy for you!

Jetspa luxury spa bath

The Features of the Jet-Spa Luxury Spa Capsule:

  • Vichy Bath spa: With 12-pin massage water jets, providing a multi-mode circular water massage, you will feel more refreshed than ever.
  • Vapor Steam Bath/Body Slimming: The Vapor Steam bath moisturizes your skin, and helps with detox and slimming. It loosens your muscles, and helps you relax.
  • Aromatic Bath: Instead of just having a normal experience, add a little aromatic oil to the mix. As a result, you can whisk yourself away by adding a sensual touch!
  • Light Therapy: Light therapy is not only approved as an effective treatment for pain relief and wound healing, but also controls the body’s inner clock. As a result, light can also affect sleep, hormones, and even moods! Likewise, the right kind of light therapy can even slow down signs of aging.
  • LCD TV: The LCD TV consists of 5-inch LCD Display, stereo system, FM radio, VCD interface and CATV interface. As a result, you can enjoy some entertainment while you drift away.
  • Ozone Sterilization: The Jet-Spa system is equipped with an Ozone generator for sterilization after your session. This means you can always keep your Jet-Spa Capsule clean and ready to go.

Relax and renew yourself in true luxury. Contact us now!