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Global Wellness Enterprises presents a unique opportunity for business investing. We are giving you the opportunity to own a profitable Wellness Centre. We also make it easy, with one of our specialized Wellness Centre Business Packages. With full business support and training, you will be fully equipped to manage your new small business successfully – whether you’re starting from scratch, working from home, or adding on to your existing business, clinic or wellness centre.

Our packages are specially designed to create a complete and rounded health and wellness experience to optimize complete mental and physical health. Whether you are already a small business owner, or ready to take the leap and start a new business, we will have the package that will suit your needs the best. We also consult with prospective business owners to build your own unique Wellness Centre Business Package that will best fit your business goals.

Wellness Centre Business Packages

We Have 4 Standard Wellness Centre Business Packages – Optimized For Your Benefit.

It’s important to us that you get off to the best possible start. That is why ALL of our business packages include Training (theoretical and practical), business support, and initial marketing assistance. But, depending on how BIG you want to go, you can decide which of our Wellness Centre Business Packages suit you best.

Diamond Business Package

The Diamond Business Package is our most comprehensive business option. It gives you the best possible opportunity to create wealth through health. This package is a combination of Health, beauty and relaxation options.

Emerald Business Package

By far the most popular offering, the Emerald Package is for new or existing businesses who want to incorporate an element of health and beauty into their existing offering

Sapphire Business Package

This package is ideal as a starting investment for the person who wants to begin a new business. Work from the comfort of your home without limited space being a problem.

Ruby Business Package

This package is ideal as a starting investment for the person who wants to begin a new business. The Ruby Package is the perfect place to begin your journey to financial success.

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