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Danie Ozone testimonial

Danie, Secunda


"Good day. I just want to give feedback about my health after I started with the 3 in 1 Portable Ozone Steam Sauna approximately 20 months ago, in the privacy of my own home, at times that suit me, and my cancer count fell to 0.24! It was above 5 for over 3 years! ...You've also always been there with excellent advice and after-sale service. Thank you very much to you and Global Wellness! Blessings, Danie."

Yolandie Testimonial

Yolandie, Vanderbijlpark


My daughter, Lucinda, and I, had a very pleasant first sauna session, because you can adjust the temperature for your comfort. I couldn't believe that I could feel so good after just 1 sauna session, and the improvement of my skin was amazing! My daughter has been a diabetic since she was 11, and she enjoyed it as well. Even my husband slept better. Everyone should invest in a portable sauna; they won't regret it! We also drink ozonated water. Thank you very much Global Wellness!!"

Carol Wicht Testimonial

Carol Wicht, George


I've had 10 Ozone Treatments..., I suffer from NAFDL (fatty liver disease). This affects my liver in that it becomes bloated and sore to touch. My liver was very bloated and sore before I started. After the first 5 I noticed a remarkable difference in the bloating, which had now come down, and no pain. Besides the effect the treatments have had on my liver, I can testify that my overall feeling of wellbeing improved. I will most definitely recommend the Ozone treatments, but do feel that no less than 5 treatments are necessary before you start feeling the true effects that O3 can offer. Warm wishes."